Ancient Man

While traveling, a camera provides a visual account of your presence.  However, thoughts of the past continue into eternity.  The city Ephesus , in 2011 is a place of stones piled up and resembles an inhabitable area of the past.  As great and vast as it was, one would think
of a large city of today.  Why did this beauty not survive man of it’s time?  The technology available, prosperity present, and modern man utilizing the fruits of the time.

Freedom, as known to an American, is a concept, of which the ancient man thought abstract, and basis for dreams.  Freedom, in itself, like all beauty, grew from the seed of having a Soul.  And as our forefathers bore, recognizing that God, or Our Creator, was the source of our Souls.  Freedom is the act of recognition of having a Soul.

America, is Freedom having grown from an abstract, to the beauty of Life.

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It is time for the people of Faith to meet those who consider themselves faith, face to face

The guide for confrontation can be found in the writings of the great scholars.  If you wish to control the Government, sacrifice for the greater good is primary

If the conservative movement would FIGHT to instruct the less fortunate, in vertue instead of pride, accomplishment instead of entitlement,  the need for government handout would dwindle with the need for entitlements could be eliminated.

Let us start a fight with our government and let the Liberal meet us on OUR field.

The sacrifice, to start, would be for the Very fortunate, well-funded Churches, to step up and act on The Word, as opposed to talking and reading The Word.  Let those who enjoy The Word, share the Word.  This would be a paradigm shift that would put the State in its place.

If the Separations of Church and State is not an American Belief, proper action would give a truly new meaning to the thought.

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A possible definition

To some, Freedom is living within a concept that “others are more important than themselves”.  Many other Humans believe that Freedom, is having dominion over those who believe that others are more important that themselves.

The reason for this thought is that dominion over others, is proof that the Earth is flat. and that man created his Supreme Being.


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Search out a picture of an Army of the Civil War.  Then search out a picture of a Rocket.  Then know that, only 100 years seperate the two events.

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More on Faith

As all events occur, we might wonder how those before us, had reacted to the events.  Those events allow opportunities to grow and understand.  One fact is evident, those before us, reacted the same as we would, as we exist.

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Our environment we call the Earth, has Humans, with differing opinions on existence.  Each difference is nothing more than each group’s feeling that their path is the best and only right path.  A problem arises when the lack of factoring in, the Universe and  a Supreme Being, hampers the process of understanding.  Religion has been the process to manifestation of the Supreme Being.

Question: Is this practice, the easy path to understanding Faith?

Faith could be the result of a search for understanding.

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Freedom is not a an object, nor a concept.  Freedom is what Our Forefathers meant by enaliable right, endowed by God.  Define God as a Supreme Being, and refrain from objectifying.  God and Freedom are much alike as neither can be held in your hand and experience via the senses.

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Surviving Today

Often the Human experience, is like a pendellum.  As it swings, that what is happening and is important, reaches a point of misunderstanding.  The reaction to this is to allow the pendelllum to swing back to a point that is easier to accept.  Unlike the fixed point on the clock, our life pendellum, is not fixed as the swing back is not to the original position, but to another point that is nearer your misunderstood experience, and a morf of the combined experiences.

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The Earth is a Living Being

The Concept of the Earth as a living Being,  creates a position, on the thought, far beyond  existing philosophies.  If one was to defer to the Bible for guidance, the number of references, could only be theories, as the knowledge base of the Universe was limited in facts.  The concept and truth of “all things are created by God,” require the open mind to the human words that define The Supreme Being.

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Where do people think they are going?

Today’s news agencies think most people are not able to think, understand, and process the events of the day.  This concept runs so deep that the education system has based teaching on this premise.  Today we get infomation based on how it is presented and not on the facts that exist.

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